Civil collaboration in focus!- program closing consultation

„Civil collaboration in focus” was the working title of the program- closing consultation organised by the Fiksz Point Association, Hajdúhadház at 14.00 on the 26th of May in 2010.
14.00. – 15.45
1.) Partnership and collaboration
Lecturer: Groskáné Piránszki Irén, representative of the Eastern- Hungarian Community Service Foundation
2.) Activity of the Civil Round Table of Hadház from the organisation’s point of view
- Speeches
3.) Presentation of the Little Settlement Civil Network of Hajdúhadház further development of the cooperation
Lecturer: Nánási Zsuzsanna, program leader
- Speeches
4.) Opinions, remarks, comments
Location: Town Hall, Board room, Hajdúhadház
1. Bocskai square, Hajdúhadház 4242
16.00- 18-00
Reception in the Égerházi Imre Memorial House
Hosts: „Our Cultural Values” Circle of Friends and the FIKSZ Point Association

12. May. 2010. Hajdúhadház
Nánási Zsuzsanna
president of the FIKSZ Point Association