New challenges of community development- workshop conference

Dear colleague! We kindly invite you for the „New challenges of community development” workshop conference,
Date: 10. September 2010. szeptember 8.
Location: Slovakian House of Culture- Békéscsaba (10. Kossuth square)
9.30 Neighborhood volunteers 60+
Urban, community development program with elderly people
Lecturer: Péterfi Ferenc, president- Association of Community developers
10.30 Break
10.45 Settlement- possibility and tool in community activities
Lecturer: Giczey Péter, president, Lifetree Support Service Association
11.45 Break
12.00 Local community development programs in Végegyháza
Lecturer: Horváth Judit, president- Roaming Public Benefit Association
Please register in advance by 6th of September 2010. szeptember 8. on the following e- mail address:
With regards:
Pocsajiné Fábián Magdolna
Community Developer’s Association of Békés
Cooperation partner in this workshop conference is:
Cultural Office of the IBSEN Non- profit Ltd. Békés County
proNet- Network for the development of non- profit services and non- profit service suppliers
Self- government of Békés County